The story behind us

It begins…

In 2002, It’s Showtime!, LLC was formed. The purpose of this organization is to provide live entertainment for the Latin community through concerts and special events. Music artists have the chance to perform for the general public by offering live entertainment. It’s Showtime!, LLC assures that each patron will have an understanding of the Latin heritage by offering patrons an exclusive concert series. In turn, It’s ShowTime!, LLC wants to be a part of our patron’s lives by providing an amazing diverse mixture of Latinos and other non-Latinos to perform their genre of music. This also cuts down on customers going to different concert tours to obtain musical entertainment, resulting in a faster cash flow to the company.

Our mission statement is as follow:
“To provide patrons with a high-energy concert where we can be proud of the performances of each It’s ShowTime!, LLC music artist. We offer superior customer service throughout the building blocks of the company by always remembering that each customer is a patron.”

Our company slogan is: IT’S SHOWTIME!

For many years people have had one of two choices when considering a concert for themselves and family:
To frequent a high-quality concert with V.I.P. treatment,
or Settle for a low-quality concert with poor customer service,

Our company can be characterized as a business that creates a positive and stable image for the performance of top music artists, It’s ShowTime!, LLC hopes to enjoy an established track record of excellent concerts provided to our patrons. We hope their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous, and we intend to start our advances in the marketplace with more unique and exciting musical artists.

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  • OC Funk Fest

  • OC Funk Fest